Sessions: Social Media Strategies Summit for Higher Education (#SMSsummit)

Today, I was excited to have the opportunity to speak about using social media for marketing to prospective students at the Social Media Strategies Summit for Higher Education here in Boston. Thinking about using these tools to attract applicants isn’t that different from what I do with my clients and their brands every day; the admissions process is really just the marketing funnel with a few different labels on it.

During my 90-minute session, we explored the basics of building a social media strategy, and how experiences (not bullet points on a brochure) are what make the sell feel like less of one. We also worked through several exercises to get the wheels turning for attendees.

Whether you were unable to attend the session or just want to take a peek at the slides, the presentation in its entirety is below (although, without the charmingly quirky delivery). Cheers.