Hi, I’m Steph Parker.

I’m a marketing strategist in the advertising world. Digital is my bread & butter, but I play nice in the creative sandbox, too. I’ve been around the block, getting my hands dirty with the likes of social media, content strategy, email, SEO UX, PR, and a bunch of other things that don’t have acronyms. My clients come in all sizes, just like my collection of Star Trek tees. If you like sharp strategies with a side of sarcasm, we’ll get along famously. Come on in & take a look around.

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Content, Paid Media, Social Media, Strategy


Strategic Planning

Knowing where a brand & its consumers intersect. Building the right mix of tactics and good ol' creative. Testing & optimizing to keep doing it better.


Longform or 140 characters (or less). Social media or web page. Presentation deck or whitepaper. Where it should live, what it should say, and how it should sound.

Audience Insights

Understanding how someone thinks & why. How they interact with the world around them. And how that can become a marketing opportunity.


On paper, on stage, or in the classroom. Answering questions before they're asked. Illustrating situations and scenarios with words. And plenty of humor, when it fits.

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I’d love to hear about potential gigs, speaking or teaching opportunities, consulting needs, or freelance projects I may be a fit for. I’m also happy to answer some questions you college grads or industry newbies may have. Introduce yourself & let’s figure out how to make something awesome happen together.

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