Steph Parker | User-Centric Digital Marketing Strategy | Forbes 30 Under 30 Alum & Tattooed Digital Marketer
Steph Parker is an award-winning digital strategist & marketing consultant available for hire in the Boston metro area.
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Hi, I’m Steph Parker.

I’m an agency-bred digital marketer who takes turns uncovering strategic insights & activating them at scale. I’ve had clients big and small, local and global, regulated and risk-friendly. The work I believe in is rooted in insights, and caters to users’ wants, needs, and desires. Maybe you know me because I’m a Forbes 30 Under 30 alum. Or perhaps you’ve seen some of the things I’ve pitched in Digiday, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider. If you’re a Redditor, it’s possible you saw my Fallout 4 tattoo on the front page once. Whether you’re looking for your next hire, a marketing consultant, partner or advisor for a project, or someone who’s just really good at finding GIFs, let’s talk about some cool shit.

Check the work.

Okay, well some of it. As a digital strategist, I know my way around creative briefs, analytics reports, content calendars, and media plans.


Agency Roles

As a member of an agency team, I brought digital marketing initiatives to life, showing preference to the content and social spaces for clients across a variety of industries. Depending on the agency, I also wore an account management hat. In addition to my strategic duties, I’ve worked directly with clients to manage budgets, SOWs, and every aspect of a campaign, from inception to delivery (and beyond).



As a consultant, I’ve worked primarily with startups and small businesses. I focus most of my time on building and improving digital marketing strategies, designing training sessions for teams who want to brush up on a few skills, and helping busy founders, C-suite execs, and hiring managers hire the right marketing talent.


Teaching & Public Speaking

As an instructor and guest lecturer, I’ve built my own curriculum for standalone workshops. I’ve also brought pre-planned curriculum to life for students looking to certify their Digital Marketing skills and take their careers to the next level. I’ve had gigs as short as 45 minutes, and as long as 6 hours. (The latter require extra caffeine.)

Have we met?

More importantly, should we? If you have a question, a marketing problem that needs solving, a relevant open role, a speaking or teaching opportunity, or something else that would make sense for me to know, shoot me a note using the form over there. If you’re the old-fashioned digital type, you can send a message in a virtual bottle to

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