Hi, I’m Steph Parker.

I’m an agency-bred digital marketer who takes turns uncovering strategic insights & activating them at scale. The work I believe in puts the user at the center of whatever piece of content, idea, or experience brands want to bring to life. In 2013, I was fortunate enough to be recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30. Since then, my work’s popped up in places like Digiday & The Huffington Post. Outside of biz hours, I teach what I know to students at spots like General Assembly. (I also have a pretty mean Fallout 4 tattoo that made the front page of Reddit once.) I love solving problems in new, creative ways, and thrive as part of a collaborative team.

The Skinny.

I made the choice to get experience at both creative & media shops, so I know that the secret to a winning campaign is the right mixture of content & placement. Creative briefs and digital comms plans are equally familiar territory, and I’ve assembled them both on behalf of brands big & small, local & global, regulated & risk-friendly. And as someone with just enough design knowledge to be dangerous (perhaps to myself, perhaps to others), I’m a strategist who can put those smarts to work, too.


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Pizzas Eaten

(Dart) Gun For Hire.

As a digital strategist, I’m always interested in hearing about a marketing problem that needs solving. It’s pretty important to fact-check everything you read these days, so grab a resume on the house & get your hands on the details of what I’ve been up to.

Let’s chat.

If you have a question, side hustle, relevant open role, a speaking or teaching gig, or something else that would make sense for me to know, shoot me a note using the form over there. No sales pitches for your marketing tool, please. Cheers!

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