Steph Parker | User-Centric Digital Marketing Strategy | Forbes 30 Under 30 Alum & Tattooed Digital Marketer
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I’m an agency-bred digital marketer who takes turns leading client biz & hustling behind the scenes. I’ve worked with brands big and small, local and global, regulated and risk-friendly. As a Forbes 30 Under 30 alum, I spend a lot of time coloring outside the lines. My heart lies in the strategy department, but my brain thinks emotionally; the work I believe in is rooted in insights, and caters to users’ wants, needs, and desires. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, I’m a video gamer, beer drinker, longish distance runner, consummate East Coaster, home cook, part-time smartass, GIF master, people reader, and London admirer. Let’s make something rad.

*While I had my hand in the briefs, client communications, and overall strategies for the clients you see here, my talented creative coworkers made these images. I mostly just use Photoshop to airbrush blemishes off of my selfies.

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